(No) Canvas

Although I am usually posting in German it feels unpolite as my sources are in English.

I recently discovered the Problem Framing Canvas of the Griffith Centre for Systems Innovation.
Very interesting and exciting – but not a canvas.

The setting is intelligent and picks up various concepts such as 5-Whys, Framing, How might we or working with hypothesis and validation – but it is is not a canvas.

A canvas offers us room for projection. We can project our topic on a canvas. Here we are having disjoint single fields of a formula. Although the concept is still inspiring, it is not a canvas.

Closest to a canvas ist he first box in the second row: Draw out the problem – create a rich picture.

Yes, that ist the idea of a canvas. Fields on a canvas are just ledger lines. They want to help us to draw a picture, but here weh have a checklist or a survey.

Still ok, but not a canvas.

Is there a relation between the Cynefin-diagram and working hypothesis? Why are we talking of 3 hyothesis? Not 2 or 5? This scheme seems to be arbitrarily.

Within a canvas we do have the freedom to draw over ledger lines, move objectives or connect objects.

So no canvas.

But still a recommendation.

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