#137 Storytelling on Scrum

Matt Grommes läßt seine Leser in einer bemerkenswerten Artikelserie auf AgileSoftwareDevelopment.com an seinem ersten agilen Projekt mit SCRUM teilnehmen und berichtet über seine Erfahrungen (Englisch):

My First Agile Project Series
Part 1: Doing 80%
Part 2: Inception & Planning
Part 3: Viral Videos and Bad Jokes in Scrum Demos
Part 4: How to lose credibility and jeopardize your project with lack of management buy-in
Part 5: Our Top 5 Agile Mistakes
Part 6: The First End of Our Project
Part 7: Adventures in Agile Testing
Part 8: 9 Things We Disliked (and Liked) about ScrumWorks
Part 9: Choosing A New Tool – VersionOne
Part 10: 5 Important Issues For Teams
Part 11: A Tale of Two Dark Clouds
Part 12: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Our Retrospectives
Part 13: Reflecting on The Decline of Agile
Part 14: Did We Need A Coach? Does Anyone?
Series Review: So It’s Come To This – The Year In Review
Part 15: The Last Mile
Part 16: Go-Live – The Final Frontier



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